Seen & Heard: Hudson Street Sidewalk Plaza Is Finished

Hudson south of Laight••• That sidewalk/plaza on Hudson between Laight and Ericsson Place is finally finished—or will be once the portable toilet is removed. UPDATE 6/17: I went over there today—and actually crossed the street for a better look—and it’s kind of shame there’s so little landscaping.

••• Real classy, Enterprise! (P.S. Use the company at your own risk.)

••• Starting Saturday (and running through August), Dylan Prime will serve a clambake on Saturdays and Sundays. Expect 1.5-pound lobster, clams, mussels, corn on the cob, and boiled potatoes. It’s $45 per person.

••• From Bob re: the 1 World Trade Center light: “Just FYI, last night it reverted to the blinking (and much softer) red light as opposed to the blinding white strobe. We’ll have to see what tonight brings, but maybe they realized it was over the top.”

••• Highly recommend the Kazumi Yoshida show at Cheryl Hazan Gallery at 35 N. Moore. There’s such joy in his work.

••• I’ve been waiting for the construction at 56 Leonard to get interesting again, but from what I can guesstimate from this rendering, the design doesn’t turn funky until around the 45th floor—and I think it’s still a ways away from that. Left: The building as seen from W. Broadway and Worth.

••• Telepan Local invited me over for lunch yesterday. The season is bringing out the best in the kitchen; check out the pea and asparagus dishes. And the coconut cake…. Anyway, I had never been downstairs, where the restrooms and private-dining room are, and I was delighted by the artwork throughout. Turns out they’re blow-ups of Bill Telepan’s mother’s recipe cards.



  1. There are Federal Aviation Administration standards for marking and lighting structures to promote aviation safety. The 1 World Trade Center aircraft warning lights are high-intensity lighting devices and are used as collision avoidance measures. Therefore the building owner may not have much say in the matter, it may require negotiation with the F.A.A. for changes to occur.

  2. the rendering of 56 leonard st is not accurate. it doesn’t go through to worth street as shown in the rendering.

  3. Red light is back again tonight (Tuesday), so maybe the horrid white strobe is gone for good.