In the News: Saks Fifth Avenue Location Revealed

••• The Saks Fifth Avenue headed for Brookfield Place appears to be going into “Two World Financial Center […] now referred to as 225 Liberty Street. […] The board of the Battery Park City Authority Tuesday morning agreed to modify the ground lease that governs use of the giant retail and office complex to allow individual retail tenants to occupy up to 80,000 square feet of space.” In the above floor plan, 225 Liberty is in the lower right corner. —Broadsheet

••• The guy who robbed the Capital One on W. Broadway in April is thought to have also recently robbed the Chase on Barclay (along with nine other banks). —New York Post

••• “The potentially precedent-setting ruling by a Manhattan Housing Court judge nixed the eviction of a Financial District resident who had been subletting her apartment through [Airbnb]—even though she admitted to breaking New York City law. Justice Jack Stoller’s Monday ruling means that Kimberly Freeman can stay in her rental apartment at 33 Gold St. because the city law that prohibits short-term sublets applies only to landlords.” —New York Post

••• “A man attacked for his wallet and backpack managed to chase down the thief and wrestle him to the ground inside the Bowling Green 4/5 train station.” —DNAinfo

••• “The Lang School Principal Micaela Bracamonte banned Asher Palmer from attending classes next fall for using ‘pretend guns on fellow students’ and saying he would ‘kill’ a girl with whom he had argued, according to complaints. Asher suffers from ADHD and a communications disorder.” The Lang School is in FiDi. —New York Post

••• Time Inc. isn’t paying any rent for the first three years of its Brookfield Place lease. —Crain’s

••• “I asked the MTA if the Transit Center is going to open on June 26th—next Thursday—and received a non-committal answer. ‘The date,’ I was told, “’ill be firmed up next week during committee meetings.’ Now, that doesn’t mean the center won’t open a few days after the committee readings, but if I were a betting man, I’d probably take the over.” —2nd Ave. Sagas

Fulton Center through window


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  1. The judge also ruled that the limitations on evicting profiteering subletters do not apply to tenants under various “rent regulatory schemes” eg rent stabilization. Be careful.