In the News: Middle School Will Go Forward

Fulton Center••• “The soaring Fulton Street Transit Center, which commuters in Lower Manhattan have been counting on to untangle the knot of subway lines that converge east of the World Trade Center, was supposed to open on Thursday. But that has been pushed back 60 to 90 days because of testing delays and unfinished elevators.” —New York Times

••• “Spruce Street School Principal Nancy Harris informed school parents today that she was told by education officials that the promised middle school will go forward.” —Tribeca Trib

••• Director Steven Soderbergh is selling his Franklin Street apartment. —Daily News

••• Related: “Steven and and his wife Jules Asner didn’t like the chaos at 155 Franklin from all the taylor swift-ness in the building–so they bought a different apartment in tribeca last month that was never listed.” —Curbed

••• The “7,000-square-foot lot at Greenwich and Albany streets, until recently a queuing area for the Sept. 11 Memorial, will be taken over by the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. on July 1. It is part of the larger, 35,000-square-foot Site 5.” Community Board 1 members want a Greenmarket. —Tribeca Trib

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  1. The news about the delay of opening the Fulton Center by 90 days isn’t really a big deal. Not mentioned in any of the stories on this topic is that none of the expected retail will be opening until later this year at the earliest, so it doesn’t much matter that the formal space isn’t yet open when there is no reason to go there other than to just get to your train (which you can already do). :-)