Seen & Heard: More on the Tennis Court Complaint

319 Broadway••• A reader points out that the conversion of 319 Broadway (where the new Pret a Manger is) appears to have been stepped up.

••• Michelle Albano Summerville sent 0ver a pic of the Sherman Zwicker (the name of the boat that’ll be home to the Grand Banks raw bar) at Pier 25.

••• The Friends of Washington Market Park sent over a response to yesterday’s mention of the alleged corruption at the tennis court. Also, @Jammysod pointed out that the New York Times covered this exact issue back in 2007. (The article is worth a read.)

The tennis court rules are established by the NYC Parks Department. Here is detail on how reserving court time is supposed to work.

Because a full-time Parks Department employee cannot feasibly be dedicated to the one court at our park, unfortunately people sometimes are dismissive or abusive of the court’s rules.

Action has been taken in the last week by the NYC Parks Department: to routinely check players’ permits and to better regulate the daily sign-in process. The Friends of Washington Market Park group is hopeful that these measures along with community cooperation will improve everyone’s experience at the tennis court.

••• “Could you update us if the new food court at Brookfield will be getting high chairs?” emailed K. “When they first opened and we visited they did not have them and no one knew if they would be getting them….” The answer from a rep: “I’m told high chairs arrived this week and they should be available for guests now.”

••• Sinéad O’Connor plays City Winery on October 27, 28, and 30. Here’s a terrific live version of “I Am Stretched on Your Grave.”



  1. It’s great that the Friends of Wash. Market Park is “hopeful” that the
    corrupt situation at the court in their park will improve. I bet they feel
    the same abt prospects for peace in the Middle East with equal
    ability to influence events in either place. Their main interest in that court is to
    have cute pictures to post of their free lessons for neighborhood kids.
    It’s true there there are limits to possible solutions because it’s only one court.
    The Parks Dept. changes have had little effect and the cheaters cheated merrily along this Wed. and Thurs. The permits cop sent by Parks was only there
    for one morning. Anyone interested in fixing the situation needn’t file an
    FOIA request for documents. The incriminating sheet hangs on the door
    of the park house from 7pm to closing.

  2. Thanks for the good news about the high chairs at Brookfield!

  3. I was at Hudson Eats on Saturday and can confirm they have highchairs now.