First Peek: Grand Banks Boat Bar

When I said that Grand Banks would be “the coolest spot in Tribeca this summer,” I wondered whether I might be overstating it. With these first images of the bar—aboard the Sherman Zwicker, docked at Pier 25—I think we can agree I didn’t. They’re from the Instagram account of artist Johnne Eschleman (some came via the Ace Hotel on Twitter).

Grand Banks opens Thursday, and is hosting a party on July 4, after which it’ll be open through October. The food is by Mark Firth, who founded Diner and Marlow & Sons; Eater posted the menu. Do send over any early reports.

Here are two more, from Grand Banks on Instagram.

And this one is by Paul Greenberg, author of Four Fish and American Catch.

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  1. My husband and I are going to their 4th of July party, will report back

  2. Beautiful!