In the News: The Telecom Hives of Lower Manhattan

••• Bob Cromwell takes a look at some of the buildings housing telecom infrastructure in Manhattan, including 60 Hudson, 32 Sixth Ave., 33 Thomas, 375 Pearl (the one with Verizon’s ugly sign), 75 Broad, 25 Broadway, 65 Broadway, 33 Whitehall, 40 Wall, 14 Wall, 80 Pine, and 100 Williams. P.S. The mosaic angel at 75 Broad sure has a big pair of globes. (Photo courtesy Bob Cromwell.)

••• “Crumbs says it is shuttering all its stores, a week after the struggling cupcake shop operator was delisted from the Nasdaq.” —New York Times

••• Tribeca Trust’s case for preserving 84 Walker. —Broadsheet

••• “It looks like Boris Lidukhover, the owner of Alphabet City favorite Sushi Dojo is planning to open a restaurant called Dojo Izakaya in the space that formerly held Cafe Rakka on Avenue B.” You’ll recall that Lidukhover is also applying for a liquor license for 79 Chambers. —Eater

••• How a lost beagle’s owner was found. —Downtown Post NYC

••• “A newly vacant, 7,000-square-foot lot near the World Trade Center site may be on its way to becoming a pedestrian plaza with seating and tables, greenery, film screenings and, eventually, the long-awaited return of a neighborhood Greenmarket.” —Tribeca Trib

••• The Soho Alliance is convening a meting tonight to keep discussing how locals feel about the once Upon a tart space getting a liquor license; the word is that Matt Abramcyk and Akiva Elstein (of Smith & Mills, etc.) “approached [OUAT owner] Jerome to expand on the concept but keep the name, Once Upon A Tart, to create a restaurant open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The only way that Matt and Akiva suggest this is financially feasible is with a full liquor license (liquor, wine and beer).” —Soho Strut

••• “In the early 1930s, Western Union and AT&T built two new buildings [60 Hudson and 32 Sixth Ave.] in lower Manhattan to house their telecommunications infrastructure. Here’s a short film about their construction and ongoing use as hubs for contemporary telecom and internet communications.” —

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  1. I moved to 84 Walker St. 3rd floor in 1976 and lived there till 1985. Frank had just left but my floors still had his paint all over them. Here is the original listing from the Village Voice. The Mudd Club was my local hangout from ’78 to ’81.