Seen & Heard: Yet Another Nail Salon?

Fulton Center by Steve••• “Just walked past Fulton Transit Center and the side doors were wide open so took a quick snap,” emailed Steve, including this photo. “Looks like it is taking shape nicely.” (It was supposed to open late last month, but the MTA postponed it.)

••• Good to see that Lilly O’Brien’s is making progress on its new spot in the old Taj Tribeca space at 18 Murray.

••• A reader peeked inside the former Jerry’s space at 90 Chambers, where construction is underway, and said it looks like it’s going to be a nail salon. That would be even more disappointing because, in an effort to confirm it, I then asked at a neighboring business, where I was told the plan—before it fell through—was for a fishmonger.

••• Cafeteria (and its wall of windows opening onto W. Broadway) is no longer on tonight’s agenda for the Community Board 1 Tribeca Committee.

Sonos at Capital Audio••• Intrigued by this sign at Capital Audio, I popped inside and asked if I could see Sonos’s outdoor speaker.

Salesclerk: “It’s not really for outdoor.”
Me: “I wondered…. I didn’t think Sonos had outdoor speakers yet.”
Salesclerk: “Mmm.”
Me: “So your sign is sort of confusing.”
Salesclerk: [Shrugs] “Yes, I know.”

••• And now, a quick status report on several new buildings….

56 Leonard, as seen from W. Broadway:

56 Leonard84 White (for which there’s still nothing online about how to buy/rent there…?):

84 WhiteFranklin Place (as seen from White):

Franklin Place 761483 Walker (where Morris Adjmi’s intriguing cast-iron inversion will go—the photo was taken on Sunday, so don’t make too much of the lack of workers):

83 Walker

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  1. The southeast corner of Chambers and Greenwich is depressing me. I first knew it as a well-loved Italian sandwich shop that had to close because of rent problems. Then it became local chain The Little Pie Shop, which was nice enough, but less popular. It closed. Then the place remained vacant for a long time, and now a bank is opening there. That is a depressing progression, isn’t it?