Indoor Cycling and a Bootcamp, All in One

Something called Drill Fitness followed Tribeca Citizen on Instagram…. Its profile says “Coming in fall 2014 to Tribeca….” I was in despair, unable to figure out where it would be, until I realized I might try looking up @DrillFitnessNYC on Twitter. Lo and behold: It’ll be at 136 Church, a.k.a. 37 Warren—where we knew a fitness operation was opening but the corporate name was called Ultrafit.

And then I really pulled my head out and tried (even though Google had been useless). “A fitness experience born of passion, designed for those craving a physical evolution,” is how it describes itself. “Drill Ride: A revolutionary cycle class. Drill Body: Bootcamp evolved.” In other words, it wants the business of SoulCycle, Flywheel, Barry’s Bootcamp, and CrossFit. “Drill Fitness: Annihilate calories and develop a killer bod.”

Below: An old pic of the storefront, from when the scaffolding was finally coming down.

P.S. Hot logo!

37 Warren