Sushi Dojo Is Indeed Opening on Chambers

79 ChambersEast Village favorite Sushi Dojo (two stars from the New York Times) is indeed opening a sushi bar at 79 Chambers, in what used to be a check-cashing joint. Chef David Bouhadana was at last night’s meeting of the Community Board 1 Tribeca Committee—the full minutes to follow eventually—to present the application for a liquor license. I thought he said the 42-seat establishment will be omakase-only, but the backup materials include an à la carte menu…. Either way, fFirst Racines NY, now this: Is the Chambers gentrification finally happening? Below: The floor plan and menu for Dojo Tribeca (as it’s tentatively being called) and pix of Sushi Dojo, courtesy of the restaurant.

Dojo Tribeca floorplanDojo Tribeca omakase menuDojo Tribeca a la carte menusashimi courtesy Sushi Dojo

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  1. That is incredible news!

  2. Such good news!

    I really do hope this continues to elevate the block. However, your earlier posts about the new smoke shop next to “Korner Jewelry” and the nail salon where Jerry used to be are disappointing.

    Once the Reade Chambers building (or whatever they are calling it) opens, I would assume that will help.

  3. Now if only we could get a excellent ice cream shop, not BaskinsRobbins and not ridiculously priced Gröm, so we can start to have a neighbourhood again. Imagine, ice cream place on one side and a connect over 21 lounge right next to it. Anyone? Anyone?

  4. wow. the restaurant drama continues, with new great spots on the street which needs it most (Racine’s is the real deal but the portions are tapas at entrée prices), PJ Clarkes suing for tortuous interference, and Brookfield offering even more joints (I guess they like Unami Burger better than PJ Clarkes)…any word on what’s going to happen at the old Jerry’s Café, which needed a lesson on ambiance….?

  5. My wife and I went to Dojo in the East Village tonight and chef David Bouhadana didn’t confirm they will be opening in TriBeCa.. he said they have been working on it but didn’t seem very positive… hopefully he will end up opening though, that place is great and we need more top sushi here (other than Gari and Brushstroke)!