Seen & Heard: Why the Dead Trees?

dead trees on Finn Square 71614••• Anyone know why the four of the trees on the W. Broadway side of the Con Ed substation appear to have given up the ghost (or are barely surviving)? The cold winter? (They weren’t fig trees.) The ever-present FreshDirect trucks? I’ll reach out to Friends of Finn Square as soon as I can find a contact.

••• Tribeca’s Kitchen, at Church and Duane, might open as soon as Monday.

••• Behold Jupioca (“juice + tapioca”), opening on Church between Murray and Park Place.

••• “I read in the June 9 edition that people were complaining about the bright strobe light on the Freedom Tower,” emailed B. “I’m curious, do you know whether there is any effort among Tribeca residents to complain about the light, or even whom anyone would complain to?” I responded that I haven’t heard of any concerted effort to complain about the strobe (which seems to come and go?), but I’d ask here. Either way, my advice is to get Community Board 1 involved to see what, if anything, can be done about it. Also, since my guess is that it’s mainly a concern for folks who live high up, I do hope those 30 Park Place penthouses get sold before potential buyers catch wind of it….

••• “The Mysteries of Laura”—an NBC show about a mom/NYPD detective, starring Debra Messing—is shooting Thursday around Church and White.

••• No sooner did I post about the Kim Kardashian game than someone tweeted a screengrab of what a tribeca loft looks like on it.

Kardashian Tribeca loft



  1. I hope it’s not tree-eating rats ( ) that’s killing those trees.

  2. The sole tree on Walker Street between Church and Broadway also died and was chopped down and trashed this week.

  3. It is the fresh direct trucks killing the trees they hit one of them with a truck once, the exhaust fumes non stop and they bang the carts and hang bags on the trees too.

    And deblasio hasnt yet cut the $142 million in subsidies Bloomberg offered Fresh Direct, there is a boycott and a coalition out here I do not have the links for but look it up