Seen & Heard: That Mysterious Building on Warren

looking up WBway••• I haven’t really been following all the stories about the supertall skyscrapers under construction in Midtown, but I assume that’s one we can now see looking north on W. Broadway? UDPATE: Chris says in a comment that “It’s 220 Central Park South—a residential building even taller than the Gehry tower.” UPDATE #2: Or maybe not. Lowphat says it’s 432 Park Ave.

••• Every now and then someone asks what’s up with the mysterious 48 Warren—where the windows were boarded up and now they’re sort of blacked out, and where someone likes to write “cult” in chalk on the sidewalk—and I have no idea. Someone said they had heard it was being converted to residential, but when I emailed the owner, Promethium Realty, I was told that “There are no plans for residential conversion of the building.” Pictured: A sign of life! UPDATE: “No mystery,” emailed a reader. “Just paranoia. Click this link.” The implication (backed up by the name overlap and the website saying it’s in lower Manhattan) is that the Prometheus Research Library is located at 48 Warren. It’s “a working research facility for a wide range of Marxist studies and also the central reference archive of the Spartacist League of the U.S., section of the International Communist League (Fourth Internationalist). Library holdings include substantial materials on the organizations inspired and led by Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Trotsky, as well as works on related topics, sometimes remote. The purpose of the PRL is to collect, preserve, and make available the historical record of the international workers movement and to assist Marxist scholarship. […] The Library’s collection, which does not circulate, grew out of the forty-year accumulated and organized holdings of James Robertson, both correspondence and printed materials. The collection now includes over 6,700 books and periodical volumes, 130 reels of microfilmed documents and periodicals, and 175 linear feet of archival documents and bulletins.”

••• Spa confirmed: The workers at 39 N. Moore are saying the space (which is undergoing a massive demolition) will indeed be a spa. Now, we just need to find out whether Jennifer Lobes Lopez is involved.

••• Press release: “Battery Dance Company, in cooperation with Battery Park City Authority, presents the 33rd annual Downtown Dance Festival August 17-21. Festival moves to the Robert F. Wagner Jr. Park in Battery Park City and shifts to evening schedule.”

••• Today at Khe-Yo: Victoria Road trunk sale (“We work with socially conscious designers across the globe to bring you one-of-a-kind products made with passion and integrity”).

••• La Colombe has posted a signing wishing one of its baristas, Michelle, well as she leaves to focus on her business, Michelle Baker Wellness: “As a certified holistic health coach and a vegetarian chef, she aims to help more people return to a state of balance. This green smoothie lover supports her clients through nutritional education while instilling an excitement about wholesome, clean eating. She also honors the emotional and physical needs that we all share by guiding her clients to their preferred form of stress relief and advocating that we all move our body lovingly on a daily basis. Through her program, one will learn to be an active participant in their own personal health and healing.”

••• The Lady Liberty souvenir shop at 393 Broadway is closing.

••• “The Battery Conservancy worked with our five finalist chair designers to build prototypes of their chairs and is thrilled to unveil the results this week. From now through September the five finalists’ chairs will be on display at Castle Clinton National Monument for the general public to see, sit, and select your favorite chair prototype for comfort, enjoyment, and durability. The winning chair design will be announced in the fall and be awarded a $10,000 prize. The winning chair design will then be fabricated for use on the Battery Oval.”

Battery Conservancy chairs

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  1. It’s 220 Central Park South – a residential building even taller than the Gehry tower.

  2. It’s actually 432 Park Ave that you’re looking at. I think 220 CPS is still at the foundation level.