Spa or Salon? Either Way, Unilever Is Involved

Jennifer Lopez LuxSusi commented that what we had heard would be a spa at 39 N. Moore is actually going to be the first salon under the Nexxus haircare brand. I contacted media relations at Unilever, which owns Nexxus, and what I got back was: “We can confirm that Unilever has taken occupancy at 39 N. Moore Street. No further details are available.” (Which was more than I expected!) The involvement of a major multinational corporation, however it ends up using the space, makes the Jennifer Lopez rumor more possible.

Of note: Googling “Jennifer Lopez” and “Unilever” gets results for Unilever-owned tea company T2, which has a Lopez-inspired blend called “Licorice Legs”; and Lopez is “the face” of Unilever’s Lux soap. So here’s wondering whether it actually is a spa, centered on the Lux brand…? Or is Lopez close to endorsing Nexxus? Or was it really Gwyneth in bronzer, a wig, and padding?