Whole Foods Tribeca Is Opening a Burger Joint

Dosateria Whole Foods Whole BurgerGot a bit of a shock this morning: The area formerly home to the Dosateria restaurant is shrouded in plastic. A sign says that something called Whole Burger—or maybe WholeBurger—is coming soon. I searched online for evidence of other WholeBurgers, but I couldn’t find anything but recipes. And the store’s website still touts Dosateria.


1. Let’s hope they can vent the grill (and fryer, assuming we’re being offered fries with that) really well.

2. Other stores often partner with outside companies—such as Café Spice, which was behind Dosateria—but this appears to be an in-house effort.

3. So much for the healthfulness-related part of Whole Foods’s mission….

4. I ate several meals at Dosateria, and in winter it was painfully drafty. I’m not sure how that’s fixable, unless of course they’re getting rid of the counter seating.

5. I didn’t check to see if the sushi counter is still there, but I think it is. Will ask…. UPDATE: No response from WFM yet but Ashley says below that the sushi guys were there this morning. UPDATE #2: Whole Foods says the sushi will stay.

UPDATE: See mp’s theory in the comments.

Whole Foods Dosateria sign



  1. Dosateria always sounded like a stomach issue to me.

  2. They’ve been selling burgers out of the Mediterranean/Greek space (b/t the carving station and the bakery) for a while. I’d imagine they are just expanding that to the middle.

  3. Saw this in the a.m as well. The sushi samarais where still there prepping their rolls…

  4. The dosas at dosateria were terrible (the drinks were better). Let’s hope
    The burgers are better….

  5. Darn I loved that place. Dosa’s are just delicious, properly done. Having been introduced to them in a beautiful place in Bangalore, having a Dosa fr our wholefoods always took me back to that first experience. Regrets from this TriBeCa Citizen