In the News: One York Is Oozing Goo

one york••• “The shiny new One York on York St.”—um, if you say so—”has a flaw: the insulated windows cloud up and have to be replaced at a cost of more than $10 million. As a result, the sponsors of the building are suing the general contractor, Lend Lease Construction, and three companies that manufactured or installed the insulated glass walls.” —New York Daily News

••• The New York Post says there’s also “oozing goo.”

••• Lots of buildings in Tribeca have high ceilings. How else you gonna fit that ego? —Daily News

••• The New York Times reviewed the sculpture show at Postmasters.

••• “A Greenmarket is relocating to a new space just south of the World Trade Center site, a small step towards what is hoped will become a bigger market—and a homecoming of sorts. The Greenmarket, soon to be displaced from West Broadway between Barclay Street and Park Place due to the construction of security barriers, will relocate early next month on Greenwich Street near Albany. Initially, three market sellers will occupy the wide sidewalk outside the former queuing area for visitors to the September 11 Memorial.  Six more tents are expected to be added.” —Tribeca Trib

••• “Trinity Church is throwing a party to help raise funds for a dozen needy Lower Manhattan public schools.” —Broadsheet



  1. Classic press hype… I’ve got a buddy who owns a unit in the building and he’s confirmed that the issue is entirely aesthetic (not structural) … and that they’ve already replaced most of the affected windows. Papers need to sell, though.

  2. The Greenmarket on West Broadway between Park and Barclay was only two vendors — Migliorelli and a baker from Kingston. Migliorelli left at least a month ago, and told me it was because they didn’t sell enough goods at the West Broadway location.