Seen & Heard: Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar Is Opening

••• The rooftop bar at the Hotel Hugo is presumably either open or opening soon: Art in General is throwing a benefit there tomorrow night. Here’s a pic courtesy of the hotel. (Not that it’s been airbrushed or anything.) If anyone is going to the Art in General party, please send over more pix of the space.

••• What’s up with the pyramid apparently under construction atop the Pace dorm at 33 Beekman?

••• Apparently Whole Foods Tribeca now has a taqueria.

••• Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar at Hudson Eats in Brookfield Place opens today or tomorrow. (Last night, cofounder Bruce Bromberg tweeted it was “a day away.” I asked if that meant today or tomorrow, but got no answer.) Update: Eater says it’s tomorrow.

••• I rather enjoyed the cocktail called the Font at Washington Market Tavern. The bartender first torches a few cloves, collecting the smoke in a snifter (into which the drink is ultimately poured). Reminded me of going to concerts in the 80s—in a good way!

Washington Market Tavern The Font



  1. Called Hudson Eats and they said BRS is open right now.

  2. That pyramid will deflect the debris (beer bottles, spit, dogcrap) that routinely falls from the Gehry tower.

  3. Blue ribbon opened today!

  4. The were open on Saturday and were doing a brisk business though I ate at Little Muenster (DEelicious!)