Seen & Heard: New Amsterdam Market’s Founder Is Back Onboard

••• Next weekend on Governors Island: A Civil War reenactment.

••• New Amsterdam Market’s Robert LaValva is rethinking his position, according to an email he sent out yesterday: “Thanks to the overwhelming expressions of support and concern that poured in after the July 14 announcement, our board of directors and I are inspired to see that the market continues its mission. We are actively planning the future of New Amsterdam Market and will keep you informed.”

Downtoan Alliance••• Those of us who like the games we play to have something at stake will be pleased about the Downtown Alliance’s plans for Water Street in August. (See graphic.)

••• From the reader who got in touch with Rep. Nadler’s office about restoring the southeast Tribeca mailboxes: “If I can stay on the mailbox theme, can I suggest that, given the massive population increase in Tribeca, the Post Office look at whether there are sufficient mailboxes. For example, the ones being put back on Chambers are always so full that you can’t get a letter into them. Ditto the 2 mailboxes at 299 Broadway. A third mailbox at both locations would help. I am sure there are other similar situations and needs.” (KP agrees on that last point.)

••• From Jay at Tribeca Greenmarket: “New on Saturdays: Wide variety of peppers, peaches and plums; okra, blackberries, corn and strawberries have made a reappearance. New on Wednesdays: Cantaloupe, watermelon, nectarines, celery, corn and heirloom tomatoes.

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