Seen & Heard: Debris Reportedly Fell From 56 Leonard

••• “A huge chunk of glass and cement came crashing down onto the street and sidewalk on Church between Worth and Leonard today,” emailed a reader. “Debris also fell on the roof of 73 Worth. Told it could have been fatal if someone was hit by it.”

••• When Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar opened in Hudson Eats at Brookfield Place, a couple of readers complained that it was only serving takeout after 3 p.m.—but that has since changed, and it’s doing takeout all day now.

••• James Ellroy will be at Mysterious Bookshop on Sept. 19 (6:30 to 8:30 p.m). His new book, Perfidia, is the first in a four-book series.

••• A reader in my building got Congressperson Jerry Nadler’s office to solve the problem of the missing mailboxes in southeast Tribeca: “The mailboxes at Broadway and Chambers and the mailbox at Warren and W. Broadway will be replaced immediately,” said the rep, summarizing communication from the U.S.P.S. This is good, because last time I saw someone stuffing bulk mailings in the mailboxes at Broadway and Duane—jamming them so full no one else could use them—I explained to her that she should really go to the post office for that kind of thing, and I think we cam very close to having words.

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  1. That’s great about those mailboxes being replaced. Now what about the rest of Tribeca? If there’s one on Hudson Street, could someone tell me where?

  2. excellent news re mail boxes.. now let’s see when immediately comes into effect….

  3. If we’re compiling a wish list, bring back the one at the SE corner of Greenwich and Chambers that disappeared in the great post 9/11-anthrax-scare purge of mailboxes (which always seemed to me to be actually driven by cost cutting with the public safety concern a convenient complaint shield). While it wouldn’t be particularly useful to me today, back in the day, drop off the kid at 234 and mail the letters in the same trip was a regular thing and I’d imagine today’s parents would quickly adopt the routine too.

    • I’ve always thought the plaza outside Whole Foods made the most sense—if only because there’s space there for it

    • Shouldn’t there be one by every subway stop? At Hudson and Chambers, there’s nothing anymore. And yes, I know there was construction there, but that’s largely finished. And should the mail box be moved nearby while the construction takes place rather than being removed entirely?

  4. What is 56 Leonard saying about the debris, and what are they doing to prevent future issues? That’s really scary.

  5. One more area that lost almost all its mailboxes: far northwest corner of Tribeca. Perhaps that could put back the one on Canal and Greenwich?