In the News: Man Scams Parking Garage With “Lost Ticket”

••• “Parking attendants at Alliance Parking at 335 Canal St. […] handed over an $82,000 Audi to a 20-year-old man who walked in and claimed he lost his parking ticket, according to police and the car’s outraged owner.” —DNAinfo

tribeca-film-festival-2015••• “The 2015 Tribeca Film Festival has locked in April 15-26 for its 2015 edition.” —Variety

••• “A 57,600-square-foot section of the [AIDS Quilt] will be displayed on Governors Island on Aug. 11 and 12.” —DNAinfo

••• Grub Street interviewed chef Floyd Cardoz, who had this to say about White Street, his new restaurant where Churrascaria Tribeca was: “It’ll be my style of food—new American food with global flavors. That’s what I love doing. Using flavors from India, using flavors from Japan, China, Thailand—all over the place. Just to make food exciting, because that’s what Americans want. We don’t want plain, boring food anymore. It’s strange—I was in India, and we were talking about American food, and people were like, ‘are you going to cook burgers and ribs?’ And I was like no, no, no, American food is more than that: It’s seasonal; it’s local; it’s very, very flavorful. So that’s what my foods going to be. [How will the cuisine compare to North End Grill?] It’s going to be very different. It’s going to be more aggressive in the flavoring. North End was more about being a neighborhood restaurant, and this is going to be more about people enjoying the flavors they love. So the gloves are off, and I’m going to cook the way I used to cook. It’s not going to be Indian like Tabla, but there’s going to be a lot of flavor to the food. […] And it’ll be balanced—no butter, no cream, I don’t think that’s the way to eat. Vegetables, a lot of vegetables, treating the ingredients right.”

••• Grub Street raves about the Grand Banks lobster roll.



  1. Did he mention an opening time frame for White Street?