In the News: The Artists Behind the Brooklyn Bridge Flag Stunt

••• A Real Deal article on stalled development sites includes 112-114 Chambers: “As the market was heating up in Tribeca in 2008, the city issued permits to a family-owned Chinatown company called Si Jie Mei to add a floor to adjacent, four-story mixed-use buildings at 112-114 Chambers Street, between Church Street and West Broadway. The owner planned to gut the buildings and create eight rental apartments on the second through fifth floors along with retail space on the ground floor.” (It’s in a landmarked district.) Architect Arpad Baksa says that the street construction on Chambers made the work impossible, but now that it’s nearly done, it  might finally happen.

••• Berlin-based artists Mischa Leinkauf and Matthias Wermke claim responsibility for the white-flag stunt on the Brooklyn Bridge. “The flags had nothing to do with terrorism. They only wanted to celebrate ‘the beauty of public space’ and the great American bridge whose German-born engineer, John Roebling, died in 1869 on July 22, the day the white flags appeared. […] With the photographs and short videos, the German artists have what looks like credible evidence.” —New York Times

••• Eater reviewer Ryan Sutton likes Bâtard.



  1. Re: flags
    Strange tale
    White was a rather interesting choice of color … Don’t you think
    What does the white signify… Death… Surrender….?

    Definitely not celebration… Seems like they are hiding part of what they were trying to say

  2. Yes, seems to me like it is “public space” if it is unprotected, unlocked, unguarded, unsecured, etc. Give them the key to the city for showing us the level of breach of security in our city. Wake up NYC!