In the News: Sewage Overflow at Pier 25

••• “Sewage overflow at Pier 25 forces temporary closures.” —Downtown Post NYC

••• “Residents of 67 Vestry St. have not given up on efforts to preserve their homes in an 117-year-old former warehouse in Tribeca. Although efforts to landmark the building fell short in the spring, a handful of options remain for the tenants, including challenging the permit process and working through local elected representatives.” —Downtown Express

••• The New York Times ran a 1,500-word article on how the restrooms at Trinity Church and St. Paul’s Chapel are popular with tourists.

••• The Room bar on Sullivan has closed “by Marshall’s Legal Possession. Maybe their 10-year lease renewal came back higher than expected and The Room decided to stop paying rent until they were ordered out?” It’s a sibling of Anotheroom on W. Broadway. —Soho Strut