More on the McNally and Colicchio Restaurants at the Beekman Hotel

Someone who has seen the developer’s plans says that we longer need to think of it a rumor that Keith McNally and Tom Colicchio are opening restaurants at the Beekman Hotel, as grand old 5 Beekman is now known. The only question is what type: McNally’s looks increasingly likely to be Pastis, while nothing is known yet about Colicchio’s. My source also said that Colicchio’s restaurant will be on Beekman, and that he’s handling the Beekman Hotel’s catering and room service. McNally’s restaurant, meanwhile, is at the corner of Nassau and Beekman, “across from the Dunkin Donuts,” which is probably somewhere that McNally never imagined himself. “Neither restaurant is that big,” said my source, which has to come as a relief to nearby residents fearful of shrieking gaggles.

The hotel’s designer is Martin Brudnizki, who has done some gorgeous spaces, mainly in the U.K., as you can see from his website.

Below: New glass windows along the Beekman side—and more interestingly, colored glass windows along the top of the storefront.

Colicchio windows at 5 Beekmanwindow at 5 BeekmanAnd here’s a photo of the Holborn Dining Room in London, which Brudnizki designed.

Holborn Dining_Low Res_4_MBDS_© James McDonald

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