In the News: The Pastis Rumor Gets More Likely

••• Daytonian in Manhattan looks into the history of “unadorned beauty” 135 Hudson; the photo is by Alice Lum, courtesy Daytonian in Manhattan. (via Curbed)

••• Keith McNally acknowledged that Pastis is unlikely to reopen in its old location—strengthening the possibility you first heard here, which is that it’s opening in the Beekman Hotel and 5 Beekman. —Eater

••• “Two kids from the projects wanted to feel like billionaires for a night, so they slipped aboard several glitzy megayachts docked near the World Financial Center—telling cops they were ‘just chillin’’ on them, law enforcement sources said.” —New York Post

••• “Researchers long stumped by the mysterious history of an 18th-century ship uncovered at the World Trade Center have finally discovered its origins [were in] Colonial-era Philadelphia.” —DNAinfo

••• Elle checks out Taryn Toomey’s fitness class. (Note to Elle: Broadway is not “West Tribeca.”)

••• “Cedar Local, a dimly lit cocktail lounge that recently opened near Wall Street, offers two menus with eight drinks apiece: one designated ‘Old Money,’ featuring version of classic cocktails, and the other called ‘New Money,’ offering the bar’s own concoctions.” —DNAinfo

••• Bed company Duxiana is opening a store in the Flatiron, but it has no plans to close the one on Hudson. —Crain’s

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  1. It took a Tribeca resident to identify the ship. This is fantastic research. Please note the use of the word, “likely” in the report. My agent has my completed manuscript for my book, which names the identity of the ship, her controversies, and the identity of her owner and investors. The place, the location of the trees used to build the ship is correct, but the date noted is slightly off. It will be fascinating comparing the tree-dating research to extensive historical research of New York’s coastline in that era.