Floor Plans: The Woolworth Building Penthouse

The Real Deal wandered over to look at the offering plan for Alchemy Properties’s conversion of the top of the Woolworth Building, and as one would, it focused on the penthouse: “The plan reveals that the $110 million penthouse atop the iconic tower—a unit that has been christened the ‘Pinnacle’—will span 9,400 square feet with just under 500 square feet of outdoor space. This means Alchemy is asking about $11,700 per square foot for the eyrie.” Crossword fans will better know that last word as aerie.

Even better, floor plans! I came across this via Curbed, which pointed out that “For reasons that are unclear, the floorplan skips over the 52nd and 56th floors.” Also, a commenter there says that the elevator stops on 53….

50th floor:

51st floor:

Pinnacle5153rd floor:

Pinnacle5354th floor:

Pinnacle5455th floor:

Pinnacle5557th floor:

Pinnacle5758th floor:


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  1. Unless that private elevator takes you all the way to the lobby, it’s very weird to have the main elevators into your apartment dropping everyone off in front of your bedrooms.

  2. Hey Erik,

    Wondering if you know about the outside lighting control for the tower. Does 110 million buy you a right to alter Manhattan’s skyline?

    • No clue — but since the residential part is only part of the building, something that affects the building as a whole seems to me unlikely to be included. But what do I know what $110 million buys?

  3. Skipped floors may have something to do with the way the building was originally configured. F.W. commissioned the building as a show of wealth and bragged that it had a certain number of floors, which it didn’t. So, to make the building match the claim, some floors numbers were skipped. Amazing that no-one was willing to correct the boss!