Seen & Heard: Checking in on Le District

••• Mariela Alvarez of ICRAVE, the “experiential design firm” working on Le District (the “French Eataly” at Brookfield Place), took this photo of what the inside looks like these days. And here’s her report, with more pix.

••• Nike tweeted a link to sign up to play on Nike Court, but all slots seemed to be immediately full…? Or maybe more will open up?

••• It’s possible no one cares about this as much as I do, but what is going into the former Jerry’s Café space at 90 Chambers? Work has been happening inside for a while now, and today I noticed that the window has been covered in plywood.

Jerry's plywood••• The Necker Cup Beach Tennis Shootout is today on Pier 25, and it’s free to watch. It starts at noon and seems to end around 7 p.m., with a kids’ lesson period from 4 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

••• Press release: “The Floating Library is a pop-up, mobile device-free public space aboard the historic Lilac Museum Steamship berthed at Pier 25 for September 6 to October 3. The people-powered library is initiated by artist Beatrice Glow and brings together over seventy participants to fortify a space for critical cultural production by pushing boundaries under the open skies that are conducive to fearless dreaming. The ship’s main deck will be transformed into an outdoor reading lounge to offer library visitors a range of reading materials from underrepresented authors, artist books, poetry, manifestoes, as well as book collection, that, at the end of the lifecycle of the project, will be donated to local high school students with demonstrated need. Ongoing art installations include a Listening Room that will feature new works by six sound artists in response to literature, site-specific paper rope swings, The Line, by Amanda Thackray, and Leading Lights by Katarina Jerinic in the Pilot House. During this action-packed month, there is free public programming with over twenty roundtables, performances and workshops that will shine a spotlight on maker culture, DIY politics, sustainability issues and community engagement.”

••• On the way up to a lovely lunch at the Clam (Hudson and Leroy), I saw that Gregory’s Coffee is opening at 350 Hudson, on the stretch that’s like a big food court.

Gregorys Coffee 350 Hudson••• Mini Nosy Neighbor: “I noticed some new work going on at the building next to the Leonard. They erected some stuff on the roof last week. Any ideas as to what they are doing?” That’s 354 Broadway, and a rep from the board said that it’s “just scaffolding required for the local law 11 the building has to complete.”

354 Broadway roof••• 73 Franklin is getting a topper.

73 Franklin topper