In the News: Another BPC Rental Building Likely to Go Condo

Smyth reno rendering crop••• Andrew Carmellini’s “85-seat restaurant (plus a library and ‘living room’)” at the Smyth will be called Little Park when it opens late this year. —Grub Street

••• “The rental building at 70 Battery Place, also known as Riverwatch, is being sold to a real estate developer who specializes in converting rental buildings to condominiums. […] Today, [Battery Park City] consists of approximately 8,480 apartment units, spread among 30 residential buildings. But by the time Riverwatch, Tribeca Park, Tribeca Pointe and 22 River Terrace are converted to condominiums, more than 60 percent of the apartments in the neighborhood will be owned by the people who live in them.”

••• The New Yorker liked Bâtard. How long till the Times weighs in?

••• “The preservation movement may have been born when Penn Station was demolished in 1963, but it had a long period of gestation. Probably the most regretted structure to be taken down in the years before the station fell was George B. Post’s colossal New York Produce Exchange, on the east side of Broadway, opposite Bowling Green.” The New York Times looks back at what was lost when it was torn down.

••• “Just after noon on Sunday, Yaroslav Kolchin climbed to the top of the bridge on a suspension beam, snapped a few pictures on his iPhone, then strolled back when police demanded that he come down.” —Daily Intel