Scenes from Last Night’s Dîner en Blanc

The annual Dîner en Blanc (“About 4,000 guests will put on their best whites and hit the streets, bound for a secret location for one of New York’s most memorable events”) was held at Rockefeller Park last night. As you can tell from these photos (all via Instagram and Twitter), it was quite the scene. (The photo above is by Yogissimo.)


courtesy bryanbui


courtesy @stuffedfamily


courtesy @lisa03755


courtesy niketapurandare


courtesy nicholasroutzen


courtesy eatzcateringco


Although not everyone was entranced….

tweet diner en blanc

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  1. Eric, did you go? There were 4600 guests. Lights out at 10pm sharp.

    • If I had gone, I would’ve posted my own pix :) And it’s a safe bet you’ll never find me anywhere near a crowd of 5000 people (unless Prince is playing)

      • I was there and quite surprised that our secret destination was in the backyard! We picnic on this very lawn quite often, but our sartorial choices are usually far less regimented. It was an excellent event. Lots of photo ops.

  2. I went to the park this morning and was surprised to see it pristine. Either the participants brought their own clean-up crew or BPC maintenance staff deserves merit badges.
    @MedtechTrader why begrudge a party that must have been incredible for its sheer spectacle, and didn’t seem to do any damage to the park or its neighbors?

    • Yes, Andrea, we did all take our trash home with us. It was such a well coordinated event, everyone looked beautiful & the mood was festive. We all respected the area, it is our beautiful City, after all!

  3. Looks like it was a wonderful event and as a resident of BPC, glad we could host it!

  4. I was there last evening. It was a great night. And yes Andrea, we all took our trash home with us. It’s a lovely event, and shows that New Yorkers can be respectful, gracious and enjoy themselves-unlike MustTradeMedtech. What a nasty comment.