Revenge of the Farmers

Tribeca Greenmarket vengeance3Saturday morning’s Tribeca Greenmarket got a little tense when the farmers arrived to find a car with a federal parking permit of some kind on Greenwich Street, right where one of the vendors is supposed to put her van. Consequently, the other farmers took their revenge by throwing tomatoes at the car and leaving a fish in the door handle.

I think all of us who’ve been frustrated by the rampant overuse of placard parking in the neighborhood can take some satisfaction in their actions…. (Thanks to the reader who sent in the photos!)

Tribeca Greenmarket vengeance2Tribeca Greenmarket vengeance4

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  1. Really? What a bunch of spoiled children.

  2. Spoiled: works 15 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. Travels up to 4 hours each way to sell fresh produce in the neighborhood.

  3. Joe is either new, or doesn’t live in the city.

  4. Maybe Joe Green was referring to the pampered Fed who assumes special parking privileges

  5. That fish on the door handle is disgusting…but I’m still laughing.

  6. The street cleaner can never get down Reade Street in the morning because the Fed cars are parked there so they can go to the gym.

  7. Please children look away! Circle of life – swimming free then stuck in a car door handle. Why did they have to disrespect the life of that once proud fish? TrIraq was right – Tribeca is a war zone. #FedUp

  8. really? frustrating, yes – but i would expect the farmers to take the high road.

    • Why? What form would the “high road” take? Hmm….

      • The “high road” would have been roasting “the fish whole, which enhances its cleanly delicate flavor and fine texture…then bringing the fish, beautifully burnished and filleted with the rack of bones deep-fried, edible and crunchy” over to the car and securely stuffing it into the door handle. Then drizzle the fish with “a version of a Grenobloise, with brown butter and capers.” It deliciously serves two federal employees.

    • Maybe urban farmers and urban cowgirls act differently from their rural counterparts, but this is exactly what if expect to see from the farmers I know.

  9. Many downtown businesses can’t get their goods delivered because the Feds park everywhere and anywhere they please. Why must they drive in to work with all the mass transit that exists, then rob the spot of a greenmarketer who has one day to earn a buck? As a CB 1 member, we’ve heard years of complaints about these cars and their abuses. A tip of my hat to the farmers!!!

  10. Car still parked in same spot but the fish is gone. It is now blocking its second greenmarket.

  11. That’s the perfect treatment for these bogus “federal” placecards. They’re everywhere!

  12. I can’t believe those overworked and underpaid farmers are throwing away profits like that – thank God that Fed didn’t park on the sidewalk.

  13. Can somebody explain to me why there are special parking privileges awarded to federal vehicles (or any non-utility city vehicle)? The one that really gets my blood pressure up is the specialized “DOITT” parking zone… IMHO the Department of Information Technology doesn’t have any specialized transportation requirements.