Seen & Heard: A New School for Parents

••• White Street, the restaurant opening where Churrascaria Tribeca was, has a terrific old photo on its placeholder site. Click to enlarge.

West Broadway vintage courtesy White Street••• “There’s a  new school coming to our neighborhood in September,” emailed Parent Survival School cofounder Cheryl Lambert. “It’s the only school in NYC where parents can learn to help children navigate the first decade of life—and add years to their own in the process. Led by Dr. Alan Schlechter, Bellevue Hospital Director of  Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and popular NYU professor where his Science of Happiness class is standing room only, this nine-part series launches on September 17 at Manhattan Youth.” Topics include: “Fostering Resilience (how to help your children grapple with the difficulties life deals them and how to teach them to bounce back even higher); Go To Bed! (Understanding how sleep affects your child’s ability to learn and regulate her/his own emotions. Plus, methods to ensure that you’re having fewer nightmares getting them to bed); Setting Limits in a World With Too Many Choices (When is it beneficial to say ‘no’ to a request and when is it wisest to skip the toy store all together?).”

••• After Kutsher’s closed for “summer vacation,” a big “Kutsher’s” sign went up in the window—but now it’s gone. Let’s hope this is not an omen.

••• The word on the street is that the Quiznos on Chambers isn’t closed for renovations (despite what the notice says); the marshall is said to have paid a visit….

•• The Strawberry at 258 Broadway (between Warren and Murray) that just closed is being turned into a Bolton’s. Is there even a difference?

Boltons 258 Broadway••• Front Art Space posted a video about (and inside) its camera obscura, which I really do think you should go check out, but then I’m a big fan of the school of art known as Art You Walk Inside.

••• Soho Photo‘s slate of September solo exhibits includes an intriguing one called “Congolese Wrestlers” by Colin Delfosse that sure looks like it’ll be fascinating.

Congolese Wrestler by Colin Delfosse

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