Kutsher’s Has Gone “on Vacation”

Hmm…. Eater reports that a note in the window at Kutsher’s Tribeca says that the restaurant is closing for a renovation. This could be very bad news—it’s how Drew Nierporent pulled the curtain on Centrico in the summer of 2012, and the vague “a few weeks” doesn’t offer much hope otherwise—but maybe not. I’ve heard that Kutsher’s has been considering downsizing the spacious dining room in order to enlarge the kitchen—so that it can also serve as a delivery kitchen for Kutsher’s partner Jeffrey Chodorow’s other restaurants (China Grill, anyone?).

There’s a mention of a Midtown pop-up in the fall, so maybe it’s a kitchen swap.



  1. I seem to recall a lengthy vacation last summer too. I choose to be optimistic.

  2. Maybe they should replace it with a good restaurant (edible food, well-conceived concept, etc..).

  3. I always liked the place..but noticed it seemed very slow/empty the last 6 months.