Seen & Heard: Carini Lang’s Annual Sale

••• “Alas, the Juice Press on Laight just stopped selling salads on the weekends,” commented KP. This is indeed crummy news. Let’s hope the one on Murray stays open, at least on Saturday.

••• Carini Lang’s annual carpet sale is October 2 and 3 from 10 a.m. to 7. p.m.

••• Amy emailed to say that Abey Nails & Spa on Warren has a sign saying it’s moving to Chambers—which we knew at the end of October—but the sign evidently says 92 Chambers, which is the old Mauri Shoes space (and not Jerry’s Café at 90 Chambers). I’d bet money it’s headed to 90 Chambers, where work is underway, but I guess I’ll have to go inside and ask. If you don’t hear more on this, assume my supposition is correct. UPDATE: See A.’s comment: 90 Chambers will be a Japanese restaurant; so I guess 92 will indeed be Abey Nails & Spa. If anyone is walking by, please shoot me a pic of the Japanese restaurant’s sign: 917-209-6473 or It’s the right thing to do.

••• I don’t know what LoopNet is (or whether this is even current), but this Broadway listing caught my attention: “This is NOT the exact address due to confidentiality reasons… […] The property is one of the few properties in Tribeca that are not located in the Landmark District or in Tribeca’s Mixed-Use Special District… Thus, leaving many options open for building modification and renovation… Can build close to 100,000 sq/ft.”

••• From Pen Parentis’s M.M. De Voe: “Jubilee on John in FiDi has reopened with wider aisles, seating, and rock walls.”

Jubilee in FiDi by MM De Voe

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  1. 90 Chambers is becoming a Japanese resturant/sushi bar. A permanent sign went up over the weekend.

  2. What a bummer about the JP on Laight!

  3. I’ll really miss the JP salads

  4. I guess Sweetgreen is siphoning off too much of Juice Press’s salad business, though I find that perplexing since Sweetgreen’s salads are so boring and bland. I’ll go to Just Salads instead of Sweetgreen … not as good as Juice Press, but WAY better than Sweetgreen.