In the News: Photos of White Street Restaurant

••• Photos inside White Street restaurant. —Eater

••• Curbed recaps where each component in the World Trade Center stands.

••• Checking in with people who were kids when 9/11 happened. —New York Post

••• There used to be a Family Room at 1 Liberty Plaza to which 9/11 family members could retreat. It became a sort of shrine, and now it’s been recreated at a museum in Albany. —New York Times

••• Remodelista on how Arcade Bakery got to look so good.

••• Dead oak trees in Battery Park City. —Downtown Post NYC

••• Gawker thinks Taylor Swift’s apartment on Franklin “sounds like it was decorated by a serial killer,” based on Rolling Stone‘s visit, but it’s not entirely clear why. Also: “Taylor Swift’s security team stays in a $5 million apartment across the hall, and her front door is regularly guarded by an ex-NYPD officer.”



  1. Her ex-NYPD officer is no joke. He once ordered me and my dog to “stay back” while Taylor Swift was carrying bags from her apt into her town car. Keep in mind there was no one else on Franklin street and I was looking at stuff in the window at Thom Browne and didn’t realize Taylor Swift was even there until he ordered me to “stay back”.

    • Maybe the ex-NYPD security meatball was telling you to “stay back” as a courtesy? Like he knows you might think picking up your dog’s poo is degrading, but imagine having to work for this nimrod and tending to her security “neediness.” Just stay away because he wishes he could.

  2. Uh…who is Taylor Swift?

  3. A whole new “private” take on stop and frisk :)