In the News: White Restaurant with Huge Terrace Planned for Greenwich Street

Chad Erik EZ Park••• The design for the restaurant at 456 Greenwich (where the Chad-Erik EZ Park is/was) was revealed and discussed at the meeting of Community Board 1’s Landmarks Committee. This was news to those of us who read the agendas; the latest one emailed out had no mention of anything beyond an elevator and a bulkhead (see image). The point of Community Board 1 is to air matters in front of the public (and not just the committee)—so shouldn’t some warning to the public be part of that deal? Anyway, the committee hated the design because it was white. There’s nothing in the rendering to show what the 11-story hotel behind it will look like. Also of note: “A 2,000-square-foot terrace [fronting Greenwich] would be enclosed by a six-foot-high wall, and interior stairs and an elevator would lead to the roof and, apparently, more seating.” If you live anywhere near this, and you fear noise, you had better get to the Landmarks Preservation Commission meeting on Sept. 23, because that’s where it’ll really be decided. —Tribeca Trib

••• The 5 Beekman PR push continues. The only newsy item in the Wall Street Journal‘s article is that the name Temple Court was rejected (in favor of the Beekman Hotel) because “consultants said some people might think it was a synagogue” and “other businesses, including a hotel in London, used a similar name.”

••• “Nammos-Mykonos, an iconic beach restaurant in Mykonos known for its international jet set clientele, insane parties that start immediately after dessert is served and thousand+ dollar bottles of champagne and fresh fish is opening a roof top restaurant at the landmark Battery Maritime Building and will be called Nammos by the Sea! The Grand Opening is scheduled for 2015 when the Battery Maritime Hotel is also scheduled to debut!” —FiDi Fan Page, summarizing an article in Protothema News. The Greek media outlet also said that the deal came about because Harry Poulakakos liked the Mykonos restaurant so much he threw his son’s wedding there. And this: “The idea is to promote Greek products to American customers through Nammos, whereas the restaurant will cooperate with Greek fishermen so that New Yorkers would be able to taste Greek fishes. The design and architecture of the site is curated by the famous designer Lionel Ohayon. The ground floor will be used as an event hall with a capacity of 2,500 people, while the first and second floor will be converted into a hotel with 61 rooms.”

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  1. How will anyone sit comfortably (or at all) on those stools that slope backwards?

  2. I am so happy to see the increase of inebriated people walking thru the neighBARhood at night throughout the week and weekends. A huge thanks to all who had a part in this quality of life improvement.

  3. Nammos will be the biggest debacle.