In the News: Robber Bites Man on Neck

••• Curbed‘s “Cornerspotter” game featured an intersection in Tribeca. If that photo doesn’t make you concerned about all the demolition, nothing will. (A corresponding photo from today is below.)

••• “Robber Bites Man on Neck at Varick Street Subway Station.” It happened at “at the Varick Street station at West Broadway.” Which must be the Franklin Street station? —DNAinfo Update from @akaufman23: “Chambers street station southwest entrance was blocked off this morning, so that may be where the robbery took place.” If so, the “Varick” thing makes even less sense.

••• What it’s like to go on a walking tour of Nassau Street. —Downtown Post NYC

••• “Residents report more tour buses at the [9/11] memorial.” —Downtown Express

••• Taylor Swift took her cat for a walk, and she may or may not have put it on her head. The New York Post doesn’t say.

Broadway and Thomas


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