Seen & Heard: New Trattoria

••• Looks like the restaurant taking over the Brick space at 22 Warren will be a trattoria/entoeca called Morsi. Pretty awning!

••• Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work is screening at Tribeca Cinemas on Thursday as a benefit for God’s Love We Deliver. Let’s make it a Night of a Thousand Joans! All you need is a blonde wig and some clothespins!

••• In an email announcing a new issue of Moomah the Magazine, Tracey Stewart also said there’s going to be a Moomah book.

••• Gene Schafer of ARC Athletics has launched a blog: “Gene’s Sports Scene, a weekly recap of youth team sport events in lower Manhattan. The goal of our blog is to present a weekly photo album of the local games and the little players we’re oh so proud of.”

••• October 5 at Pier 26: “Hudson River Park presents Submerge! The Musical NYC Marine Science Festival, a day devoted to bringing awareness to NYC’s coastal waterways. This day-long festival is presented in partnership with the New York Hall of Science and focuses on ocean science while raising awareness of how people influence our local waterways. Noted marine scientists will present current research through hands-on activities and compelling presentations. Interactive demonstrations will bring marine science and engineering topics to life, inspiring audiences of all ages.”

••• One of those crappy Spirit Halloween pop-ups is opening in the old J&R.

••• Two of those remnant spaces by the Holland Tunnel are getting an up[grade. From the pre-announcement (in advance of today’s media event): “Freeman Plaza East is now an engaging and social space with decking platforms, chaises, tables, chairs, cherry trees, and buffer plants. Freeman Plaza North is meant to be a quieter space, with informal seating shaded by trees.”

••• From CB1: “Beginning Monday, Sept. 29, the Port Authority will be resetting a portion of the northeast curb of Vesey Street. The World Trade Center site perimeter fence along Vesey (in front of 2 WTC to Church Street ) along with the pedestrian walkway will shift south approximately 40 feet to allow access through Vesey during construction. The duration of this project is approximately four weeks.” That area is rough right now; this sounds like a new reason to avoid it.

••• Here’s another pamphlet from the Tribeca Task Force. It appears to be from 1991, and it’s somewhat less interesting than the other one because it’s all about the possible construction of the Commodities Exchanges where 101 Warren is now.

Tribeca Task Force pamphlet vol1 no2 p1Tribeca Task Force pamphlet vol1 no2 p2 Tribeca Task Force pamphlet vol1 no2 p3 Tribeca Task Force pamphlet vol1 no2 p4

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  1. What’s most interesting about the pamphlet is that Deborah Glick was already in office in 1991. When was she first elected?