What’s Replacing Kutsher’s

The New York Times is reporting that Kutsher’s Tribeca is indeed closed for good—and yet another Hamptons import is taking its place. “Eric Lemonides and the chef Jason Weiner have taken over what was Kutsher’s Tribeca. They plan to open a branch of Almond, now in the Flatiron district and Bridgehampton, N.Y., in a few months.”

I haven’t been to the Almond in the Hamptons in many years (that’s its menu below), but I remember it fondly enough. (Never been to the Flatiron one at all.)

Almond Bridgehampton menu



  1. Almond will do better than Kutsher’s and fit in well in the neighborhood. Their food in Bridgehampton is quite good. Pricey, but given the high rent in Tribeca (and this location being “prime Tribeca”), I’m not surprised. So many restaurants in the neighborhood are destination restaurants. We need more lower priced, everyday restaurants where the cost of dinner out for family of 4 is south of $150-200 but not sure we will get those!!! It would be nice to dine out 2-3x per week and I’m sure some families do around here- that just isn’t us though!

  2. I’m sorry Kutsher’s folded. We never liked the experience of eating there, (service was always a bit twitchy) but often ordered seamless from there. Their soup was amazing.

  3. I miss Tri-Bakery

  4. Welcome to the neighborhood Eric and Jason! soon I won’t have to travel to 22nd st

  5. Too bad, no where in the hood to have those delicious potato latkes….

  6. It’s a sad day when the Hamptons are exporting restaurants to Manhattan. The world has turned upside down. This says all you need to know about the character of Tribeca today.

    • These guys are experienced operators who cut their teeth in Manhattan years ago before decamping to the East End. The Almond in Flatiron has been around for years. They run restaurants that are hospitable and consistent. Enjoy!

  7. We’re certainly sorry to see it go. Kutshers became a regular weekend haunt for our family. we found the service exceptionally friendly, and had a favorite waiter and waitress, that always took care of us. The Pastrami was heavenly, and the latkes were terrific.

    Hope they open again, soon…

  8. The sign for Almond is up. I guess it should be open soon :-)