Seen & Heard: The Great SoulCycle Crisis of 2014 is Over

••• We made it through the fire. UPDATE: Not yet, we haven’t! See SC’s comment.

SoulCycle tweet••• I hear that the redevelopment of 353-357 Broadway might incorporate more than those addresses…. Last we heard, the seller was holding on to 359 Broadway. So that must mean 351 is in play…?

355-Broadway••• Mehtaphor has reopened, but with a much smaller menu.

••• I peeked inside the papered windows of 83 Chambers, where Less Less was. What kind of business has two TVs at the back like that…? Would a nail salon?

83 Chambers••• An event called Oktoberfeast is October 11 at the Seaport: “In addition to a wide variety of German fest beers and the best of NY State microbreweries, Oktoberfeast will have a selection of some of the region’s best sausage, with 10 bratwurst stations. Oktoberfeast will feature 20-plus of the best fall offerings from NY State brewers and select German-beer importers specializing in Bocks, Kolsches, Pumpkin, and Fest beers.” Tickets and more info.

••• I posted the answer to last week’s Where in Tribeca…?, which was a stumper.

••• @WTCProgress tweeted a great shot of the World Trade Center Transportation Oculus. Love the quills lying nearby….

WTC Transportation Hub Oculus by WTCProgress••• A wonderful illustration of W. Broadway that I came across on Twitter. It’s by Remko Heemskerk, and it’s yours starting at $17.



  1. Soulcycle is not quite “back” yet. It’s larger studio of the two remains under construction. The schedule of instructors and classes are very limited. The smaller studio is open though. SC’s announcement that TriBeCa is now back in business is a little misleading. Despite sign ups yesterday, they are having trouble filling the classes. Fave instructors have disappeared from the schedule. Not sure why that is.

  2. They also need to look at the instructors they are hiring. I’m sure I’m no longer their target audience but I have gone to SoulCycle Tribeca since they opened and loved the mix of instructors they had available. Now it’s all 22 year olds screaming at me.

  3. Interesting Paul. I know what you mean. My favorites are veterans and have disappeared off the schedule but are scheduled at other locations across the city. I’m realizing that the answer as to why might be more obvious than I thought. I believe the pay scale involves getting paid by how many bikes you fill during a class. The most popular veterans who usually sell out classes probably want to have nothing to do with TriBeCa until their larger studio opens up. They’d be taking a pay cut.