Seen & Heard: The Crowns Atop the Beekman Condos

••• Adam asked whether the condo tower going up next to 5 Beekman would be taller than the new building next to it (the Lara), and I couldn’t remember, so I gave it a goog. I hadn’t really focused on the fact that it’ll be 51 stories. (“At least it blocks our view of the Lara,” Adam said.) Anyway, all of that is neither here nor there except I also hadn’t realized that the Beekman website includes a drawing of the tower that shows to be topped with “a pair of pyramid shaped crowns,” in the Wall Street Journal’s phrase. That’s as big as the image gets, I’m afraid.

the beekman 51 stories••• Added to the agenda for the CB1 Landmarks Committee meeting on Oct. 9: “60 Collister Street/157 Hudson Street, application for rooftop addition – Resolution.”

••• @PublicArtFound tweeted this image. It’s tagged “latergram,” but also October 2014,” so I don’t know if it was from the last night or two. Anyone see it? (That’s Sixth Ave. and Franklin.)

••• Through Oct. 25 at Launch F18: Joy Drury Cox’s Or, Some of the Whale, which appears to involve removing everything but the commas from Moby-Dick.

by Joy Drury Cox courtesy Launch F18


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  1. The crowns on the Beekman look like a seriously stupid PoMo reference to the Beekman’s rooftop.