Exactly Which Buildings Are for Sale on W. Broadway

Friday’s big news about the listing of a big parcel on W. Broadway left some questions: Namely, exactly which buildings are we talking about? The announcement mentioned six buildings, and if you look at W. Broadway, you only see three—so it had to wrap around to Warren and Murray, but how far? So I emailed broker Will Suarez of Massey Knakal, who said it’s the ones below. I’ve included the businesses at street level, since they’re presumably at risk.

59 Warren and 61 Warren

59 Warren and 61 Warren courtesy Google Maps(Raccoon Lodge and Mariachi’s, as the Little Bigger Place is now called.)


65-69 W. Broadway and 71-73 W. Broadway

WBroadway-between-Warren-and-MurrayThis part is a little confusing (at least to me). I looked up 65 W. Broadway in the city Department of Buildings website, and it says it’s part of 75 W. Broadway—which would be neither here nor there, except 75 W. Broadway wasn’t among the addresses Will sent. So I emailed him to make sure the parcel includes the whole blockfront, and he confirmed it. (And then I realized that the announcement said it included the whole blockfront, so the W. Broadway addresses for this part aren’t really relevant.)

(Banh Mi, Mangez Avec Moi Express, Saleya, Palermo Pizza)


59 Murray and 57 Murray

57 and 59 Murray courtesy Google Maps(New York Dolls, Cricketer’s Arms)


If you’re more of a map person….



  1. Bigger place/ Mariachi going down would be a travesty. Their chicken mole enchiladas are To die for (even vegetarians need to try it)

  2. Do you have a sense of how many stories can / will be built on the site? Announcement says 46,000 square feet but it’s unclear to me how big the floor plates can be.

  3. A real estate friend told me that the published purchase price equates to $1000/sqft for the site which means that anything built there must sell for at least $3000/sqft in order to make any sort of profit (and that would be a small profit to say the least)…#tribecapeaking!!

  4. Another nail in the coffin of this city.