Seen & Heard: Prepping for Obama’s Visit

••• In light of recent developments (pun totally intended), you might find this message from Tribeca Trust worth acting on:

If we don’t act now to extend the boundaries of our historic districts, it may become too late. Please take another minute of your time to write to the new Chair of the Landmarks Preservation Commission, Ms. Meenakshi Srinivasan. Tell her you believe that Tribeca should be calendared immediately. “Calendaring” means scheduling a public hearing. Use this link to send your message: Then do one more thing: Forward or email this message to your neighbors and friends.

Tribeca Historic Districts Noa and Proposed••• On Thursday, Oct. 30, Carini Lang, Espasso, and Abhaya are throwing a progressive party called Traipsing Tribeca. The stores “will stay open late [8:30 p.m.] to offer aficionados and new fans the opportunity to enjoy a drink after work and wander from shop to shop in their shared neighborhood.” There will be drinks!

••• Baked is now shooting to open its Church Street bakery/café by Oct. 23.

••• From N.: “There are police barriers and No Parking Tuesday signs on both sides of West Broadway from Chambers going north as far as the eye can see, and also on Chambers from W. Broadway to Greenwich. Are they for the presidential visit?” Undoubtedly. “In whose universe is the Cosmopolitan Hotel in the same nabe as White Street restaurant?” (Photo by @dustyrebel, who asked the same thing on Instagram)

••• Burrito House at 189 Church is now A.A.A. Burrito Mariachi—it could have happened earlier, and I only noticed it now because of the new sign. Wonder how Mariachi’s a few blocks away feels about it…. Or the American Automobile Association, for that matter. (In a few years, will it have to rebrand as “A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A. Mariachi Burrito” to show up first in Seamless?) Also, has every Mexican restaurant in Tribeca changed its name in the past three years?

Mariachi Burrito 189 Church••• “Scaffolding gets in the way but historically correct window frames are going in the storefront being renovated [at 257 Church] on the southeast corner of Franklin and Church,” emailed P. “Workers Friday did not know what was going in there in the end.” Does anyone out there know? A long time ago it was a restaurant, and once a space is vented, it tends to stay a restaurant….

257 Church southeast corner of Franklin••• From a reader: “I may be on an impossible search, but it never hurts to ask. I’m looking to rent a small space in the neighborhood (South Tribeca) to use as an art studio. I’m looking for a space as cheap as possible. Maybe 800-1000 sq ft. Not a living space, just a workspace for painting and craft work. Just needs to be fairly secure with access to a sink and toilet. Can be unfinished like a basement or a large storage area—doesn’t need to be anything fancy. If you have any thoughts, or even someone you know who might know of such a place, please let me know. You’d be helping a family get some of their sanity back!” Email if you want to respond and I’ll put you in touch.



  1. Hi Erik,

    Hopefully it’s ok to plug our art studio rentals in the comments due to the question above. We may have something that would work for your inquirer.


  2. I asked one of the workers at the space on Church and Franklin, and he said it will either be a restaurant or a clothing store. i’m rooting for the restaurant because i like food more than clothes i can’t afford.

  3. I asked a worker and he told me it was going to be a clothing store. Does anyone remember what used to be in the space before it closed down way back when in the 90s. Believe it was a diner, cannot remember the name.

  4. From an article online:
    • New York – Tribeca. 257 Church Street (SEC Franklin Street) has leased to L.A.’s loungewear master, James Perse.

  5. The gerrymandering of the Tribeca Historic District works as well as the gerrymandering of election districts. So if it ain’t working, why fix it?

  6. There are always a ton of reasonably priced artist studios in Tribeca listed here: