Seen & Heard: Peeking Inside Andrew Carmellini’s Next Tribeca Restaurant

••• Hello, 60 White Street! (That’s what the two gorgeous old buildings undergoing a very long restoration appear to be grouped as now.)

60 White••• Just heard a discouraging story from Sharon, owner of the Authentic Pre-Owned store on W. Broadway, which you might recall was closed last week. Turns out that an inspector from the city’s Department of Consumer Affairs showed up one day and threatened to padlock the door and confiscate all of the goods, because there’s evidently a new license required for consignment. (Sharon’s was in the process of being issues, but that didn’t matter to the inspector.) After eight days—and losing three employees—she was able to reopen because the head inspector said the first inspector had made an error: He was simply supposed to warn the business rather than shut it down (which is essentially what he did, because if you’re in consignment you can’t really have anyone taking all your goods—no one will ever trust you to consign for them again). Let’s hope that Julie Menin, former head of Community Board 1 and current head of  the DCA, can find a way to offer recompense. Because, seriously, any schmuck can sell vintage merch online but small businesses trying to make a go of it in New York City need this layer of red tape?

••• Thanks to Drew Acuff for pointing out that the “Craigslist Satirist” (my phrase) is writer and comedian Sydney Hollis. His “Bro, where’d you get that weekender?” really wants to be a dramatic monologue.

••• The next Tribeca Meet & Greet—organized by the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center—is Tuesday, Oct. 28 (6:30-9 p.m.) at TriBeCa Therapy on Chambers. “There will be a wall-sized blackboard with chalk—everyone will be encouraged to use it for their own purposes during the evening.” Everyone is invited to stop by for wine and nibblybits; it’s a great way to meet local business owners and other locals.

••• Tribeca Greenmarket update: “Some new things the showed up this week. Wednesdays: pumpkin pie, broccoli rabe, Brussels sprouts and several varieties of turnips. Saturdays: broccoli rabe and several varieties of sweet potatoes and turnips. Also, on November 1 there will be a pumpkin-carving competition. Bring your carved jack o’lantern to the information tent by 9 a.m., and shoppers and farmers will vote on the best carved pumpkin—the winner will receive a bag of market goods.”

••• N. sent proof that Sole di Capri is indeed on Seamless. (This is big news to those of us who flip a coin to decide who has to call in the order.) Now if we can only get the restaurant to put the specials online somewhere….

••• B. sent in a new photo of the entrance to Little Park, Andrew Carmellini’s forthcoming restaurant at the Smyth, as well as an interior shot (“Had to hold the camera high above the paper!”).

Little Park Little Park interior


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  1. Hope Authentic Pre-Owned is able to carry on. Great store!