Seen & Heard: The Sterling Mason’s Skin

••• The “sterling” half of the Sterling Mason appears to be getting its skin. I thought it would be shinier…? Or maybe there’s a layer yet to be applied? (Thanks to N. for the pic.)

••• Opening Oct. 29 at No Romance Galleries on Broadway: “Live On, Live Long is a group exhibition featuring new and original works from seven artists: Gogy Esparza, Jen Shear, Maggie Lee, Nick Sethi, Peter Sutherland, Shawn Powers and Weirdo Dave. The artists have all been molded by the landscape and history of New York; its artistic tradition, spirit and sincerity echoes in their works.”

••• Was the cause of that IPN fire ever determined?

••• Still no guesses for Where in Tribeca….? It’s not in some obscure nook….

••• I was kind of amazed that a parking space at 145 Hudson sold for $1,050,000, but it is 451 square feet.

145 Hudson parking space