In the News: Renderings of Inside St. Nicholas Church

2NMoore••• 2 N. Moore (at the corner of W. Broadway) is back on the market, for $48 million. “The price is double what [financier Mark Zittman paid in 2010], yet it doesn’t seem like any changes have been made to the building.” —Curbed

••• Parents of kids at the Peck Slip School (at the Tweed Courthouse) are still justifiably ticked off at the Department of Education for not giving up its conference rooms so the kids can be much better accommodated; Sheldon Silver offered to let the DOE use his conference space. —Broadsheet

••• Got pix of Zelda the turkey for a memorial? —DNAinfo

••• Caviarteria is “hosting” a live music club called the L Room: “‘We’re aspiring to be Dizzy’s Coca Cola meets CBGB’s with the volume turned down. Think MTV Unplugged from the early 1990s,’ […] says Battery Park City resident Wade Watson, who is one of the partners behind the venture.” —Broadsheet

••• The groundbreaking for St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church is Saturday; the Wall Street Journal spoke with architect Santiago Calatrava about it. There’s a video that shows it from many angles, as well as the inside (in the second half of the video); some screengrabs are below.

St Nichola Greek Orthodox Church renderingSt Nichola Greek Orthodox Church rendering2 St Nichola Greek Orthodox Church rendering3 St Nichola Greek Orthodox Church rendering4 St Nichola Greek Orthodox Church rendering5 St Nichola Greek Orthodox Church rendering6

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  1. We can only hope for the congregation that this Santiago Calatrava church will not go over budget and schedule like his winged transit hub did.