In the News: The Buyer Pool for Three-Bedrooms

Jayne••• Garance Doré photographed a glam but glum (glumorous!) woman named Jayne in Tribeca.

••• A New York Post article counts 111-115 Broadway among the commercial buildings that are building out fitness centers for tenants only.

••• “Did Tribeca Summit loft get slammed for being second floor? Or, is there another explanation for breaking the comps at 415 Greenwich Street?” (There is.) —Manhattan Loft Guy

••• HotelChatter says the youth-oriented 329-room Tommie Hotel will be in the building that fronts both Hudson and Renwick/Canal (shown below, from across Canal). (We knew it was at 231 Hudson, but the two-faced building is generally known as 503 Canal or 2 Renwick.) The question is whether the plan is still to put a second hotel on the western side of the complex. And remember: Unless something has changed, another hotel is going up in the vacant lot at the tip of the triangle. One more thing: The little red building just visible to the left has marketing materials for itself in its windows, so I guess it’s not going anywhere. The white building, on the other hand, seems ripe for something.