More Artists’ Lofts Are Being Converted to Luxury Condos

15 HubertBuzzBuzzHome noticed that permits were filed for condos at 15 Hubert, the center building in the photo above: “Located between Collister and Greenwich streets, the block-through landmark building designed by CetraRuddy will offer lofts measuring 2,300-plus square feet and duplex penthouses measuring 2,800-plus square feet. Pricing will range from approximately $2.8 million to more than $5.2 million, according to the teaser site. The development will be previewing in Winter 2015.”

Twelve lofts, you say? In that little building? That’s because the lot includes 407 Greenwich around the corner (so it’s not block-through” so much as L-shaped), better known as the home of Wolfgang’s Steakhouse. The construction involved no doubt explains the giant inflatable rat that was there the other day, protesting something about asbestos.

Developer Samson Management is adding a sixth floor, taking the building from 70 feet tall to 81 feet. According to the Schedule A, there will be three apartments on the second and third floors, along with three duplex penthouses on the fifth and sixth floors. The DOB filings include a lot of zoning stuff that I’m no expert at:

“CHANGE USE AND OCCUPANCY OF EXISTING JLWQ UG 17 TO DWELLING UNITS UG 2 ON FLS 2-5.” JLWQ means “joint living quarters for artists”; UG 2 means “use group 2,” which is residential, while UG 17 included manufacturing uses and the joint living quarters for artists.

“COMBINATION OF THE ZONING LOTS.” Presumably is about marrying 15 Hubert and 407 Greenwich.

It’s going from “J2: RESIDENTIAL” to “R-2 – RESIDENTIAL: APARTMENT HOUSES”—since J2 is for theaters, my guess is that it was supposed to say D2 for “Artists in Residence.”

Also: “Multiple Dwelling Classification Existing JAR Proposed HAEA.” JAR must mean “joint artists in residence,” while HAEA appears to be the general classification for multiple dwellings in one building.

There is also language that, even if I don’t understand the particulars (and I’m hoping someone out there can explain the Artist-in-Residence law better), resonates as a tenor of the times: The apartments are going from “JOINT LIVING QUARTERS FOR ARTISTS” to “CLASS A APARTMENTS.” A metaphor for the entire neighborhood…



  1. Proves the old saying, “Let the artists in, there goes the neighborhood!”

  2. For what it’s worth I’m not sure I’ve seen a light on in that building above Wolfgang’s in years. Either the artists are already gone or the zoning was just being gamed as super priced pied a terre’s

  3. This site hasn’t had artists in this century. It’s been a development ploy site for Green Acres and now for Sampson. It will be inhabited by the same 1% types who populate the bulk of Tribeca now.

    • I lived there for over 30+yrs and the photo on there teaser site is actually my families old apartment. 5A on the top floor with the skylights. My father actually put one of the three in. All the original families (7 of us) vacated/left that building in or around 2004-5. Last I checked my old AC was still in the window but not today looks like there actually starting to work on it. Boy do I miss that place.