Seen & Heard: Grand Banks Blowout

••• From Alex at Grand Banks: “This weekend will be the last time this season to eat at Grand Banks—after Sunday, we’ll be doing drinks only. And Halloween will be our last day of operation. We’d like to do a neighborhood/friends and family event for the full day. All drinks, no matter what they are, will be $5—cocktails, beer, wine, Champagne, etc. We’ll enjoy until we run out. Then sail away on Saturday.”

Grand Banks bar••• If you like a free fitness class, keep an eye on Drill Fitness‘s website—it promises from Nov. 3 through Nov. 9. Not sure how you sign up, though.

••• How thoughtful of the new TD Bank at Greenwich and Chambers to devote one of its windows to a historical photo of the grand old Washington Market building… the likes of which got torn down to make room for undistinguished buildings like the one housing the branch, so that we could have more banks we don’t need—and then pat itself on the back in the credit.

TD Bank mural credit••• Tribeca Watch Repair, recently booted from the soon-to-be-torn-down 149-151 Church, has found a new home in the former Canyon Ridge deli a block north.

Tribeca Watch Repair••• 504 Canal has been unveiled, post face-lift. Looks good! (Let’s decide to be optimistic and assume that the street numbers, as next door at 502 Canal, are on back order.)

504 Canal••• And now 506 Canal is getting its chance at a new life. Looking forward to seeing the refurbished storefront.

506 Canal••• You can catch a glimpse of the brick façade of 460 Washington—it looks like it’ll be nice.

460 Washington brick••• From Notify NYC: “Nightly in-bound closures of the Brooklyn Bridge will be extended to include next weekend, October 24 through October 27. During this time, the Brooklyn Bridge will be closed to Manhattan-bound traffic for 54 consecutive hours, from 11:59 PM on Friday night, 10/24 through 6:00 AM on Monday morning, 10/27.

••• The DOT and MTA appear to be trying out new freestanding subway signage at the Fulton Center.

subway sign pole on Fulton



  1. Ohno – where is Nuts about Nuts gonna go? Already moved once.

  2. The TD bank is an atrocity. At least some of their competitors went thru some effort to blend into their location (Citibank, Capitol One) the interior lighting and the exterior branding unfortunately feel like the worst kind of addition to the intersection.