Seen & Heard: What’s Happening on Top of 30 Park Place?

••• What’s happening atop 30 Park Place?

••• According to a sign in its window, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is opening an outpost in Somerville, N.J.

••• The check-cashing place at 112-114 Duane appears to have closed (the flyer directs people to the one on W. Broadway). Not sure about Everything Eyewear. This was at 11 a.m. today….

check cashing 112-114 Duane••• 290 West is starting to get windows.

290 West••• And here’s how nearby 460 Washington looks from the river. (I don’t think we ever saw a rendering of this angle.) Note the brick.

460 Washington••• Still no signs of a buildout at the Pier 26 restaurant. I reached out to the Hudson River Park Trust to ask about when the operator might be announced. Last we heard, they were on the verge—but that was a while ago.

Pier 26 restaurant••• Speaking of no buildout…. The Cuban restaurant in the works at 175 Franklin appears stuck: The façade got fixed up but the interior has been dormant for some time.

175 Franklin••• HRP Mamas and Episcopal Social Services are running a toy drive for the holidays. Also accepted: gift cards, money.



  1. I think that’s the contraption they use to pump concrete up that high.