Is Megu Closed?

A neighbor reports that Megu sure looks closed.

The door was padlocked during dinner hours for the past few days. Most of the lights are off. Workers have been moving equipment out.No announcement on their website, Twitter feed or outgoing message. But when I called their reservation line, the outgoing voicemail said they’re busy, please hold but, finally, please leave a message.

Know you’ve covered their problems with neighbors opposing their sub-letting some of their space for parties.

As you probably know, their business has dropped off, which is why they’ve had to go the lounge route. They also tried to offer a cheaper Kobe burger. The challenge they—and their predecessor, Obeca Li—had is that it’s one of the biggest restaurant spaces in NYC. But it’s located on a short side street with little foot traffic.

I walked by just now, and there’s a package delivery notice—the company tried delivering it on Oct. 28 and 29—on the door. And when I called at 1:30 p.m. today, I couldn’t even get hold of a reservationist—for Megu in Tribeca or in Midtown. OpenTable doesn’t even have a listing for either anymore (and the Megus used to use OpenTable, because it’s on their website). I emailed the last person to contact me from the restaurant, but if I were a betting man, I’d say the odds are good that Megu is done for good.

UPDATE from Eater: “A tipster who had a private event scheduled at the Tribeca outpost writes in that the restaurant cancelled it at the last minute this week, with a staff member explaining that Megu had ‘closed for good.'”

UPDATE #2 from another neighbor: “Yes, Megu cleared out (equipment, food etc.) during the night, without notice, night before last, and left a big mess.”



  1. Wow, so glad I didn’t purchase the Groupon!

  2. If indeed Megu has left I can only hope that that gigantic space will be developed into living quarters of some kind or another. “Affordable” would be a an impossible dream but even high-end would do: anything but another bloated restaurant, please.

  3. I’m so sad. I loved Megu! Their sushi was so tender & sweet & fresh. Everything was excellent including the service & setting. I wonder if the owner will open a similar quality restaurant somewhere else in NYC.