Seen & Heard: 1 World Trade Center Is Still Wailing in the Wind

••• Got some clarity on the Sushi Dojo situation: Owner Boris Lidukhover says that while he does hope to open in the area someday, the location is uncertain (i.e., not at 79 Chambers).

••• Robert A. Ripps sent over a pic of the vintage cars brought in for the “Public Morals” shoot (that’s Edward Burns’s new project). Anyone get more pix? It’s always fun to see streets made to look historical.

••• M. M. De Voe of Pen Parentis noticed the exclamation point on 1 World Trade Center.

1WTC exclamation point••• Speaking of which…. Anyone else hear 1 World Trade Center wailing during last weekend’s winds? Guess it wasn’t the construction crane—and guess we better get used to it.

••• One last 1WTC tidbit: Troy says that the orange material visible in the 1WTC vents is now gone.

••• “Exciting day in Tribeca,” tweeted Tom Adams yesterday. “Traffic open again on Franklin and Hudson. Intersection also clear at N. Moore.”

••• From Friends of Tribeca Park: “We have a few new shrubs and flowering plants coming on Saturday.  We will need all the help we can get to dig holes, plant, water, clean the garden and get ready for its winter rest. The Parks Department is delivering our new Dogwood and Sedem around 10:30.  We will be there with our usual table and refreshments for the hardy souls who come out to help.  These new plantings are courtesy of Friends of Tribeca Park and paid for by monies raised. The weather report is for mostly sunny and high around 50. Perfect.”

••• Tribeca artist Rob Mango—whose new book, 100 Paintings, was excerpted here last week (and will be again)—has a show opening Thursday at Elga Wimmer Gallery. Below: “No Room For Doubt.”

by Rob Mango


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  1. I definitely and distinctly heard 1 World Trade Center wailing in the wind. I don’t wonder. There’s a lot to wail about.