Is Jack Erwin Opening a Brick-and-Mortar Store?

Jack Erwin Archie“Any idea what’s going into the new commercial space on the ground floor of 10 Hubert Street?” asked Christin in a comment the other day. “Workers have covered up the neon signage on the interior, however a neighbor mentioned a Jack Erwin shoe boutique.”

Calling itself “a new approach to men’s shoes,” Jack Erwin sells “direct to you with no middleman.” In other words, you buy the brand’s shoes online…? At least I think that’s what’s going on. Jack Erwin comes off like Bonobos for shoes, perhaps even more so if it is indeed opening a brick-and-mortar store—or in Bonobos parlance, a “guideshop” (where you can try on the merch but not necessarily walk out of the store with it).

I emailed the brand, which has no phone, according to its site. “Thanks for reaching out,” was the answer. “I have cc’d our PR firm to give you the best and most accurate answer.”

PR folks quite naturally want to control information—it’s what they do—but unfortunately that runs tends to contrary to the mission of a hyperlocal blog. The rep said she couldn’t talk about it till Monday, and could I wait? I explained that I couldn’t; I didn’t say it, but I imagine we both knew that what I’d be waiting for was an exclusive to run first somewhere else. She asked how I knew whatever it was that I knew. “Locals talk,” I said.

So on Monday we’ll know more! But I’d wager it’s accurate to assume that Jack Erwin is opening some sort of brand experience at 10 Hubert, possibly a shop but more likely a public showroom. Which is exciting news! Because the shoes are handsome.

UPDATE: As LB points out in the comments, the Wall Street Journal has the exclusive. It is indeed more of a showroom than a shop: You can try shoes on, and then order online. It opens Nov. 13.

P.S. Thanks, Christin!

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  1. Good foresight, there was an exclusive article on the store opening on hubert street this morning run in the wall street journal, no inventory, just showroom ala bonobos.

  2. Like the store not the neon lighting. what could have been a great store is now being avoided by all in protest of the lighting…what were they thinking?