Now Open: Upstairs at the World Trade Center’s West Corridor

I was out of town the last couple of days—made a pilgrimage to the Harry Potter theme parks at Universal Orlando, and I can tell you that butterbeer is delicious—so I had forgotten that the upper level of the World Trade Center West Corridor was likely open, now that Condé Nast has started moving in. Thanks to @augieray for an Instagram post that jogged my memory.

I headed over this morning for a look. The West Corridor is the striking underground passageway that links the PATH station and Brookfield Place; one day, it’ll be lined with shops on both levels. What’s new is that you can take the escalator along the south side up to the second level….

World Trade Center West Corridor escalatorsA catwalk leads to the north side….

World Trade Center West Corridor2Stop in the middle for a terrific view of the corridor’s ribcage.

World Trade Center West Corridor from catwalkMy camera turns the everything yellow when I point it right at the lights, so here’s a black-and-white version.

World Trade Center West Corridor lights bwThe (an?) entrance to the One World Observatory is at the western end of the upper level, and Condé Nast’s entrance is at the eastern end. The guards won’t let you get as far as the Condé Nast entrance, though. (I managed to get there before they stopped me. It’s nothing special.)

World Trade Center West Corridor upper level



  1. does this mean conde nast employees will have to navigate through a massive group of tourists on line for the observatory?

  2. The main West entrance sez ” Observatory” over the entrance so I guess that’s where the tour buses will be unloading, and the one in the corridor will be for the people who come from the transit hub. I think they said the street level north entrance was for Condé Nast, or maybe it was the south one.

  3. Can you actually exit to the street from the West Concourse, my understanding is that it will open through to the PATH this December.

  4. Also what is the exit to Liberty Street Signs that are covered. Where is that?